Friday, 4 January 2013

Next iPhone is iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S?

Desperate for hints, some people are also taking the mysterious test device's "iPhone 6,1" development identifier and using it to claim that the next iPhone will be an "iPhone 6" rather than an "iPhone 5S," presumably implying that it will have more dramatic changes than a speed bump.

Sorry, the evidence doesn't support that theory.

The original iPhone was the iPhone 1,1. The iPhone 3G was 1,2. The 3GS was 2,1 and the 4 was 3,1. The 4S was 4,1. Woah, wait a minute! Did you see what they did there? There was a full model jump in those developer identifiers between the 4 and the 4S - because developer IDs aren't tightly tied to the marketing names of devices.

Listen everybody, I know you're all excited for these two handsets. Apple and Samsung are by far the biggest players in the mobile market, and their new devices are likely to dominate 2013. But that isn't going to make them appear any more quickly than they were going to do all along.

If you like smartphones, there's going to be a lot to look forward to over the next few months. CES will be a bit of a teaser, with some oddities like a 6.1in 'phablet' from Huawei. Then we'll have the BlackBerry 10 launch at the end of January, and a ton of new releases at Mobile World Congress in February. Yes, none of those will be the Apple iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4. But try to keep an open mind, because I suspect some of them will be pretty great.
(From by Sascha Segan, 03 January, 2013)

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